Fisher Price PXL 2000 – Georgia


  • CAD: $549.00

Very nice shape PXL 2000 Georgia.  This was offered as a gift in Japan from Coca-Cola Coffee.  Almost complete set, only missing the audio cassette.  Camera is in good shape, and it records to tape.  I also installed some RCA outputs for connecting to a Mini DVR or what not (see pics).  Picture is bright and focused.

I didn’t want to mod it as these are super rare, but I don’t think it would work in North America anyway as our TVs are different from Japan.  With the RCA mod you can connect a camcorder that allows AV In and shoot digitally.  The RCA mod also helps in that you don’t need a bunch of gear to get the picture off of the cassette tape.

I also removed the blue square in the lens.  Microphone is working, but with the RCA it would intermittently screech a high pitched sound, feedback.  So it does not record audio on RCA, but you get audio on cassette.

The leather strap is Mint.  As is the cassette case.  The manual has some wrinkles and the box is pretty beat up, but it’s all there.

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